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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Things I learned from 80/35 in Des Moines

80/35 was a festival highlighted by its surprising local acts and, of course, The Flaming Lips and The Roots. A lot, however, went on, and these are the things I learned from an altogether pleasant festival-going experience:
  • The Flaming Lips still put on the funnest show in the world.
  • Festivals always seem to attract its fair share of hippies.
  • Jakob Dylan drinks as if he were still relevant.
  • Yonder Mountain String Band drinks like they know they should.
  • Des Moines has some impressive DJ talent, as evidenced not by one, not by two, but by three separate occasions (more on this in some ensuing posts).
  • Des Moines drinks, and it drinks well (more on this later as well).
  • Des Moines appreciates typography as much as I do.
Check out the whole flickr set here.


comoprozac said...

Sounds like fun.

I hate hippies. Really.

I just saw Colormusic this past weekend. They were pretty awesome. I guess they have a major label release due this fall.

Jake said...

Yeah apparently they have the same manager as the Lips and/or Wayne Coyne is their manager.

betsyboo said...

same manager as.