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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Timex proves style is cyclical

I'm in the market for a new watch. As my girlfriend pointed out, my Kenneth Cole watch, although nice, just doesn't fit my style so much anymore. I tend to agree, and have been thinking about some new options for a watch that fits my aesthetic.

Though I'd probably get a decent amount of flak for wearing something like this, I think these Timex Black Collection watches look slick if paired up with the right attire. No, they probably don't make the same statement if you have a knack for Wrangler jeans, scrunched down tube socks, and over sized t-shirts (without an undershirt, of course), but I do think that this style is making a pretty decent come back. I imagine people like Pharell and Kanye wearing one of these and looking pretty bad ass. But then again, that's not my aesthetic, either. Maybe I should keep on looking.

(Found via Highsnobiety)

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