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Thursday, June 19, 2008

peter callesen's paper cut outs are mind-bogglingly intricate

I once got a tutorial on how to make paper snowflakes of various themes. Themes being ones that aren't, you know, snowflakes. I think the one I did was a wolf or something. Long story short--for the sake of maintaining your sanity--cutting that little wolf out, that little pre-traced wolf, was not only physically difficult but mentally taxing as well. Working a pair of scissors around sharp edges and minute details is boring and made worse by the difficulty in doing it. Then someone like Peter Callesen comes along and proves to me that handling shears is probably not my life's calling.

Callesen hails from Denmark and has been doing all kinds of paper cut artwork that, while looking great, is more awesome because you know when you see it that it had to be excruciatingly difficult to accomplish. His work ranges from small, A4 pieces, to huge, room-sized paper models. Take a look through his gallery and have a new appreciation for card stock.

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don said...

i thought there u use to be someone else who wrote on this blog. maybe i'm wrong.