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Friday, April 18, 2008

what, 58 year old radio for an iPod? yeah, thats right.

Recently my friend Randy and I turned an old 1950s Emerson 642A radio into an iPod/computer speaker. Because, as has been the trend with me, it's mid century. Everything about it says 1950, most notably, the dial numbers. The outside is all original to the radio, but inside it has been gutted and everything replaced. It now houses two older, but legit, speakers and a small subwoofer. Hooked up to an iPod it sounds great. And, although there is no functioning radio inside, hooked up to my iTunes I get KMOX, NPR, and hundreds of other streaming radio stations. I'm really excited to make another one. Oh, it's just perfect!

Three more pictures here, here, and here.


Lauren Kilberg said...

I have a new (pottery barn) radio that is made to look just like the classics of 1950's. I think it gets more comments by guests at my house than anything else. Your radio is far more creative and way cooler.

comoprozac said...

Nice. ReadyMade has a project for making iPod related devices every other issue. Well done.