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Thursday, April 17, 2008

hol baumann's new album "human"

Every so often some new musical entity comes my way and aggravates the hierarchy of bands or artists that has been formulated within my brain. When this happens, I will admit, I probably become over-excited about it, subduing myself to extended listening, over listening, and finally obnoxious listening. Hol Baumann has garnered this attention from me, but I have a feeling the new album "Human" will rest somewhere high in this so-called hierarchy for quite some time.

"Human" is labeled as Dance & DJ/Electronica on Amazon; but, most anything these days not made with guitars seems to be labeled as such, and thus, inefficiently. More appropriately, "Human" is down-tempo ambient electronica. Yes, this is a mouthful, but I argue it's a testament to the diversity and uniqueness of Hol Baumann entirely.

I first obtained this album probably sometime over the weekend, and while the ever-so-discerning ears over at Pitchfork would probably scold at such a small time from first listen to review, I could care less. No, I couldn't. Anyway, the album struck me so much that I felt I didn't need to give it any more listens. It's just that good. "Human" is a blend of glitched-out sounds, deep bass, stunning sampled vocals, and a bit of ethnic instrumentation (and so much more). Hol Baumann has seemingly constructed the perfect companion to relaxation. This album is meant to be listened in its entirety; the mesmerizing blend of sounds is something that, on its own, is great, but as a whole is exceptional.

Find a way to check this out.

1 comment:

Lauren Kilberg said...

You have me intrigued. I'll have to check them out. I'm entirely board with my current music libraby.