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Friday, April 18, 2008

dwr recycled tire planters. perfect for a rubber tree, or, as wikipedia told me, hevea brasiliensis

Everyone who's anybody just got their Design Within Reach catalog this week. Page 124 intrigued me. Keeping with the ever so trendy theme of "What is Green?", DWR is now offering planters made out of recycled rubber tires. Honestly, I don't know how much these do to save the environment (they're made in Egypt, Ill go ahead and say the fuel used to get to America is hurting more then the space they take up in a landfill) but they look very cool.  Really, despite questioning how "green" they are, they are about as chic as a planter can be.  Seriously, everything I type sounds sarcastic.  What's up with that?

On a side note, in looking for these planters online I found out that DIY recycled tire planters have a big presence in the south. Who Knew? They don't look anywhere near as cool as the DWR, but they probably do more to save the planet.

1 comment:

Lauren Kilberg said...

I agree, how 'green' they are is questionable. But they are unquestionable awesome. So sleek. Love them.