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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Mixtaping the Blogosphere

The blogosphere is a rich community. It's vast, intimate, knowledgeable, and critical. It embodies a society as a whole without the typical censorship restraints that have plagued information outlets for years. Blogs represent the individual in all of us. 95total wants to unite that individuality with music.

Some of you may have heard of a new site called Muxtape. It's a minimalist mp3 uploading tool for which you can make 12 song playlists. It attempts to recapture the lost art of the mixtape and what it meant for those of us that spent long hours and devoted critical ears to the perfect balance of sounds that would delight the receiver on the other end. We're going to try and expand on that, but we need your help.

95total wants to create a mixtape community of sorts, as contributed by the blogosphere. If you have a blog, create a mixtape, send us the link. What we will do is aggregate all of them for everyone to listen to. Hopefully what this will turn into is a monthly mixtape for blogs that let us know what you're listening to, past and present. It's an interesting prospect to see what bloggers from such different niches come up with it. It is sure to unite us and even distinguish us in ways that have made the blogosphere so successful.

We will be attempting to work with some of our favorite and most admired bloggers around the world in the effort to create a blogosphere mixtape community. We hope that you will join us in our adventure!

E-mail us your links to your blog and playlist! (jake [at] 95total [dot] com)

(Muxtape originally discovered via Uncrate)


comoprozac said...

My tape's in the (e)mail. Great idea!

hook said...

on it.

sneak preview track:

"we belong" by pat benatar

Lauren Kilberg said...

I'm working on it, although as I mentioned to you already. This whole Mp3 Mp4 issue is leaving me with limited options. I started my personal Muxtape (poochinz) a few days ago but will do a different one for Double Takes. Splendid idea.