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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Record Label with Attack: Ed Banger Records

The fellow blogosphere does a great job of covering a sizable portion of the underground music scene. By underground I essentially mean anything that's not being effectively shoved down our throats--vague, I know, but I hate to discredit the wealth of great music buzzing just beneath the surface of what is most commonly referred to as mainstream culture. But anyway, while discussing Vampire Weekend or Hot Chip maybe thoroughly covered phenomenons in the blog community, I have found a collection of artists--a labels worth--that go largely unmentioned, and much to my discouragement. This label is Ed Banger Records.

Most of you probably know one band from the label--the star-studded duo Justice. Justice burst onto the electronic scene in 2007 and received several honors as one of the best albums of the year and eventually garnered labels as "the next Daft Punk". I'd say they're too young to be quite at that level, but it at least says something about their potential.

The rest of the label follows a similar vibe to Justice. Hypnotic Dance Electro is the best way I can describe this collection of DJ's with itchy fingers. From the acclaimed Justice to the unspoken phenom Sebastian (whom opened for Daft Punk on their 2007 Alive tour), the lot of Ed Banger Records gives you a reason to dance, and without shame. This is what dance music should be. Not Apple Bottom Jeans.

The reason you may have never heard of Ed Banger is that it's relatively new. Founded in 2002, the label just most recently started signing heralded acts within the electronic music scene. However, with a new mix album coming out in mid-May featuring the label's new tracks (some to be released by their artists this year), expect to see a rise in this label's stock.

I highly recommend taking a look at Sebastian, DJ Mehdi, and Busy P. You can throw these guys on at any dance party and it will move the floor. Start thinking outside the box for your party mixes!

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Rich said...

also, as Don knows, Uffie who is on a Justice track, is supposed to release her album this spring on Ed Banger.