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Thursday, April 17, 2008

interview with flight of the conchords wanna-be groupie: kristen schaal

You know her, love her, and laugh at her on HBO's Flight of the Conchords, but do any of us really know the show's Mel, or in real life, Kristen Schaal? Heeb magazine (which is itself a great magazine) has a great article on the comedian/actor. It gives a lot of evidence of how talented she is, and shows her connection to the late Andy Kaufman's family. It’s definitely a good read.

p.s. for ya, the Flight of the Conchords self-titled debut cd comes out April 22. Soon after that they start a small U.S. tour. I normally don’t dig the novelty music albums, but I can’t help but love their songs. Those foreigners are so clever.

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Lauren Kilberg said...

I will admit, I just don't see the appeal of Flight of the Concords. I've tried to love it, I'm just not amused. But, the one part of the show that I do actually really like is Mel! She's adorable and Kristen Schaal plays her character too well.