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Friday, April 18, 2008

graffiti taxonomy project

You never knew there were so many ways to express the letter 'e', but then again you may not be a graffiti artist. I took notice to Evan of F.A.T.'s "Graffiti Taxonomy Prints" and really enjoyed the overall design and quality of the works. According to Evan:
"In 2004 I released a project called Graffiti Taxonomy and since then I have been receiving regular email requests to make prints and posters. I have recently revisited the project and am now releasing my first ever series of limited edition signed and numbered prints. The Lower East Side ‘E’ was created from tags photographed in March of 2008. It is the first in an ongoing series of graffiti character studies titled ‘A,E,I,O,U’. The prints were made by master printers right here in Brooklyn and can be purchased at the new ni9e store."
Looking at the prints made me realize the diversity and yet the near-science that graffiti artists posses. I feel like I've seen a lot of the various 'e's and 's's, but to see them in conjunction is very cool.

(Found via F.A.T.)

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