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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Kelpe's new album shimmers

For musicians considered indie, it seems there are roughly two contingencies: pastoral, organic, live instrumentation, or urban, futuristic, computerized blips and beeps.

Now, before you get all bothered and strive to exemplify your untouchable music knowledge by naming off plenty of bands that don't fit into these two groups, take a deep breath. My lackluster aforementioned blanket statement was only meant to introduce Kelpe and the wonderful new album, Ex-Aquarium.

I tend to listen to that second contingency far more than the first. If I'm not listening to Boards of Canada, Autechre, or Apparat, I'm probably shamelessly plugging them on a blog. But, when I find some new music that exemplifies what I like most about these bands and manages to incorporate some of that first contigency (the organic stuff), my head reaches a point of near explosion.

This is exactly what Ex-Aquarium has done. It combines head-bobbing beats and lush synth with live drums and guitar chords. Not to say that other bands don't do this, but I find Ex-Aquarium has balanced the two elements so well that it deserves sharing. The album manages to paint an aquatic landscape and place you in it for the duration. Do not pass this album up.

Download "Whirlwound", the second track off Ex-Aquarium (courtesy of The Music Lobby).

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