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Sunday, March 2, 2008

They aren't bad if you use one every 1,000 years

This year the government of South Australia is banning plastic bags. They may be the first of their states to encourage a national ban on the landfill clogging throw-away bags. Likewise, Great Britain is considering a similar ban, and even if the nation doesn't make a national ban, their largest supermarket, Tesco, has already stopped giving them away. Putting in his two cents, Prince Charles has backed the ban by teaming up with another chain, Booths, by giving out eco-friendly bags.

If you're not going to be using plastic bags, and you're a chick, now you may be wishing you had picked up one of those I'm Not A Plastic Bag bags when they were cheap and trendy. If you don't want to pay a ridiculous amount for the INAPB on eBay, or don't have female parts, pick up a reusable bag at and save the planet. They have a ton of types and styles for every occasion! With eco bags and your young person's environmentally friendly conscience, helping heal the planet has never been easier! And remember, It's the thing to do.

p.s. check out the photo essay at the guardian
p.p.s. more on the bags and them lasting 1,000 years is here


comoprozac said...

This goes along with plastic bottle bands, such as the one in Portland, OR.

Lauren said...

Australia's decision is encouraging to hear, although banning plastic bags is only the beginning, as you guys have emphasized. Now people have to take the initiative to purchase reusable bags rather than depending on the paper option. A lot of local grocery stores, like Hy-Vee sell canvas bags right in the check out line. Hy-Vee also gives you a $0.10 discount on all reusable bags you bring in and have packed with your food. Great post.


comoprozac said...

The real challenge is to actually remember to bring your reusable bags to the store.

betsyboo said...

Another challenge is when you tell the clerks you would not like a bag, thank you, and they say are you sure? And give you one anyway.

comoprozac said...

Empty your bag and hand it back to the bagger. We've got to get aggressive with our green ways.

Rich said...

Its not really something I touched upon in the post, but its a debate that is going on, both in australia and the UK... whether or not we need the govt to ban it, as in aus. or if its enough for individuals, like the stores in the UK to do it themselves.