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Monday, June 2, 2008

i need a pair of good sunglasses.

I've had increasingly worse eyesight since I was about ten and for the majority of that time I opted to wear contacts as opposed to glasses. This past January, however, I decided to return to glasses, jumping on the plastic rimmed bandwagon that made it cool to wear them again. Aside from Chuck Taylor's and a taste for Thai food, this is probably the most important rite of passage for an emerging hipster/indie kid. This rite, though, effectively makes it difficult for another cornerstone of the liberal aesthetic to be accomplished: a pair of over-sized, half-ironic, half-serious shades.

I know that I can get prescription sunglasses, but this sort of creates an inconvenience; one that almost ends up killing any sort of benefit of me having them in the first place. Now I have to carry two pairs at all times, and if I opt to take only my sunglasses with me, I'm that prick who wears his sunglasses at night and in the bar. I'm the self-serious douche bag who has an opinion on everything. If I opt to only wear my glasses, well, then what's the point of owning sunglasses?

Even though I haven't found the best solution yet, I am still considering getting a pair of prescription sunglasses anyway. I'm especially liking what Ray-Ban has to offer, and this pair of Carhartt's (yes, the same Carhartt that 99 out of a 100 Ford truck owners wear) I just saw over at FRESHNESS perfectly blends the Kanye West/Ted Kaczynski look the kids are loving this year. There's definitely plenty of good sunglasses out there, it's just a matter of time before I am full fledged indie (minus Thai food). Here's some I've found that you should look at if you want to add an essential accessory:

Everybody's classic, the Ray-Ban 2132.
Another gem from Ray-Ban.
Banana Republic's offerings.
The Persol 2720, featured in Casino Royale.
Stussy x Fujiwara design.

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