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Thursday, May 8, 2008

scott hansen/iso50/tycho, you've wowed me

I really don't like the look of 95total--at all--so I spend a good chunk of time in the various crevices of the Internet trying to find some sort of inspiration for a new design. I somehow came across this ISO50 site, which is "The Visual Work of Scott Hansen". I'm blown away by this guy's art, which spans across print, logos, web, and photo. He's got this way cool vintage vibe that's not unlike something you'd see on a Boards of Canada album cover. A lot of it's real 60s/70s with a good grounding in contemporary design.

But then, the kicker (which made me feel I had either come across an undiscovered gold mine of talent, or that I've been tucked away in my basement too long eating Girl Scout Cookies and playing 360 to ever hear of the guy) is that he dabbles in the trade of beats and melodies. On the ISO50 portfolio site you notice there's some music accompanied to your viewing. Turns out those are Hansen's chilled-out tunes penetrating your skull. Under the name of Tycho, Hansen tours and plays venues all over, creating very good IDM/electronic music that's not unlike, get this, Boards of Canada. I smell some influence.

Seeing how proficient this guy is in multiple areas has me impressed and wanting to develop my own abilities in those areas. Oh, and he blogs, too. Quite the show off, eh Scott?

Check out what this guy has to offer; it's a lot.

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