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Friday, May 2, 2008

mixtaping the blogosphere, cont.

A few weeks back I talked about wanting to do a "Muxtape Blogging Community" (for lack of a better term). Unfortunately, and expectedly, the response has been pretty lacking. No one seems to want to deal with a small-time blog. Damn, our Technorati rating is laughable. The press just ain't enough I suppose. However, I'm still pretty passionate about getting this thing together, even if it takes a few months to get something worth sharing.

For those of you who have absolutely no clue about what I am talking about, here's some sick copy/paste action from that original post I did so long ago (quoting myself has got to be against some sort of code of ethics):
"95total wants to create a mixtape community of sorts, as contributed by the blogosphere. If you have a blog, create a mixtape, send us the link. What we will do is aggregate all of them for everyone to listen to. Hopefully what this will turn into is a monthly mixtape for blogs that let us know what you're listening to, past and present. It's an interesting prospect to see what bloggers from such different niches come up with it. It is sure to unite us and even distinguish us in ways that have made the blogosphere so successful."
Additionally, each month we'd highlight a playlist, interview its creator and their blog, and go from there. I think it's a really great opportunity and I hope that some fellow bloggers start seeing the same way I do!

So, if you blog and have a muxtape, let us know. If you blog and don't have a muxtape, make one. Drop us a line at jake[at]95total[dot]com.

Thanks to the support that we have gotten, though. Your efforts will be acknowledged soon enough (well, maybe not so soon).

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