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Monday, March 24, 2008

GAMA-GO Knows Clothes

There is clearly no shortage of quirky and artistic fashion in the world. GAMA-GO has a unique take on the hoodie and the tee, among other things, incorporating playful and child-like drawings that are sure to grab the eye's attention. Featuring yetis in their natural habitat, monster eyes that resemble Loony Toons characters', and turtles ready to brawl, GAMA-GO offers fun threads that just seem to make you want to smile. Their line of clothes have a nice urban flare that doesn't take itself too seriously, which can be a nice departure nowadays.

The hoodies, which I like best, are limited in production, even adding to their uniqueness. You can be quite sure you'll be the only guy or gal at the party with a yeti hoodie draped over your shoulder and the urge to dance. The only problem is that these can get a little pricey, some hoodies exceeding the hundred dollar mark. Then again, you can't always put a price on looking good and looking unique. 'Tis a rare combination.

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