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Monday, March 31, 2008

Dali on "What's My Line"

While I can often be found laughing to a finger being bitten by Charlie, or a monkey smelling his finger, there is so much more to see on youtube. In a wonderful document showing more than just his work, Salvador Dali can be seen as a playful, albeit surreal (too clich├ęd?), character he was. He appeared on the game show “What’s My Line” on January 27, 1957 and did a great job confusing the panel and entertaining everyone else.

I suppose I’m getting into a mid century phase, but so much of what was being produced looked great. Even the effects of the superimposed text of “Artist” and “Salvador Dali”, even if out of necessity, create a composition that accomplishes everything it sets out to, and nothing more. Watch it. Take notes. Reflect. Repeat.

The key moment that sums up the humor of the clip is at 3:44 when the host, John Daly, shakes his head “no” while Dali nods “yes” as if there is no way he isn’t an athlete.

Other great quotes:
"I would have to agree that we must consider that our guest is a writer."

"Yes, I think it is properly yes and no."

"Is there something quite unusual about our guest?"

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comoprozac said...

I visited the Dali museum in St. Petersburg last week. The exhibits set out to do the same as this clip. It was a simple and straightforward presentation of the surreal. The contrast makes Dali's work, personality so much more interesting than in its usual context. Thanks for posting this clip.