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Monday, March 17, 2008

Architecture Meets Nature: Madrid's Vertical Garden

Treehugger has posted a cool finding: Madrid's new vertical garden. Like our post about the sale of the Kaufmann House in Palm Springs, California, this is just another example of the evolution of architecture, design and art, showing that big, brooding buildings can be quite artistic (and ecological, too).

The vertical garden scales up Madrid's new museum, CaixaForum. It consists of "15,000 plants of 250 different species" and is 24 meters high.

Created by Patrick Blanc, expect to see these vertical gardens spring-up in a variety of places, including subway stations, parking lots, and other places where vegetation is typically nonexistent.

1 comment:

Lauren Kilberg said...

Oh how I'd love to see them 'spring-up' in places like the subways of Chicago. It would maybe take a lot of artificial light and some sort of exhaust filtration system. Truly beautiful and an ecological solution to current urbanization.