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Monday, August 18, 2008

Some developments.

I've come to the brink of concession. Not for writing in general, but for this here establishment. I've lost a lot of the drive I had for 95total, stringing it along because of how much work I've put into it. For the past couple months I've struggled to find things to write about, often dealing with the pressure of delivering more diverse subjects to create a larger reader base. Couple that with having no other writers on the blog, and you have a lot of shit posts about stuff I'm not so sure I even cared about. But, for those who may have enjoyed my writing, a new blog will appear, and I will post it here once it's done. It'll be much more informal, more passionate, and hopefully more creative. I once read that a blog is only as good as the passion you have for writing for it. I'm taking that wisdom and hopefully spawning something much more enjoyable to read.

Thanks everyone for reading, and I truly hope you will migrate to my new brainchild. Cheers.