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Friday, April 11, 2008

petition-car for greener living

In Ontario they'll be rolling this petition-car into Legislature on Earth Day as a declaration for their desire for greener living. It's a cool concept, and about 4,000 signatures have already adorned the auto. Along with the car contains a message:
“We the undersigned do hereby demand that not one more dollar go to promote, support, or perpetuate car culture. We want bike lanes, public transit and a train system. We want our public space back. We want local food, clean air, sustainable industry, a liveable future for our children, and an end to oil wars. We want to dance in the street. We want a government that values life over money.”

Although I'd hate to burst Canada's bubble and say that people aren't this rational, I must. But, hey, here's to hoping their legislature is a receptive audience.

You can sign the petition in person, or here.

(Found via TreeHugger)

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