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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a hate industry

Apparently there's money to be made in the seamstress profession trying to corner the hate demographic.
"Coming from five generations of Ku Klux Klan members, 58-year-old "Ms. Ruth" sews hoods and robes for Klan members seven days a week, blessing each one when it's done. A red satin outfit for an Exalted Cyclops, the head of a local chapter, costs about $140. She uses the earnings to help care for her 40-year-old quadriplegic daughter, "Lilbit," who was injured in a car accident 10 years ago."
This is all sorts of paradox. Not that I'm well-versed in these sorts of things, but I feel like maybe blessing the hoods that shroud the living symbols of hate, prejudice, and violence (among many, many other things) isn't the best way to seek reciprocation.

The photo of the child is going to give me nightmares.

(Found via Kottke)


comoprozac said...

In tough economic times, we do what we have to do just to get by. This is really depressing. I guess there's an industry for everything in this capitalist society of ours.

I wonder what happens when the Klan realizes that they can save money by outsourcing? Will they start employing sweatshops in Mexico or Vietnam to make their hoods?

Lauren Kilberg said...

I think I know a few T.A.M majors graduating soon I might recommend this too. Only kidding. Leave it to me to make light of a clearly sad situation.