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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Compact Humor of

I've never sent an e-card. That's probably because I don't buy real cards. There's something about the expectedness of a card that makes it a little too trivial for me. Someecards may have changed that.

Someecards was founded by former Onion writer Brook Lundy and Duncan Mitchell. That probably explains the type of humor that these little guys possess. They often contain satire and irony, making oh-so-smug observations about society at large. My kind of humor. The object of the company is to create e-cards that span all different types of categories that you can send to anyone you'd like.
If you're like me and not really a card sender, both in the physical and the virtual world, you can still scour through the 1900+ cards and laugh quite a bit.

(Found via TechCrunch)

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