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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

3.5" x 2.00" of Good Design

I really try to convince my self otherwise, but I have no reason to have a business card. I think, maybe I'll have one in the tradition of the calling card, but no one who doesn't have my number really needs it. The definitely don't need it in the form of a card. And honestly, if I ever gave out a card I know it would be received with a "So you have a card, but not for any job. It's just a card with your name and number? Uhh, cool."

Well, whatever, I don't care, I have one. I'm not the only one who thinks cards are kind of cool. This slideshow on flickr showcases hundreds of some of the finest designs I have ever seen on a business card. They are proof that good design should be seen everywhere.

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