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Friday, February 22, 2008

Tree houses are more than un-had memories.

Did anyone ever actually have a tree house? I feel like it's this symbol of childhood and yet no one in my neighborhood had one, much less a conglomeration of trees large enough to put one in. Instead I was throwing tennis balls against brick walls or swimming in round aluminum trough-like (were they troughs?) pools. Screw my childhood.

Anyway, the people over at WebUrbanist make it apparent that tree houses do exist, outside the magical realm of Narnia, and in quite stunning form:

That is incredible. It doesn't even stop here, there is an eclectic of advanced tree house builders that are mind-blowing. This makes my cardboard box fort covered in cheap linen seem way less cool.

1 comment:

william Paasch said...

just to help you out a little. im pretty sure they were troughs, or were going to be but were bought before they fulfilled their true destiny